Why Outsource Your Eastern African Logistics For More Efficiency?


Outsourcing parts of the supply chain to a logistics provider has become the norm for many businesses as they grow. In fact, according to a report from the African Development Council, more than 90% of successful companies use a third-party logistics provider in some capacity.


85% of logistics leaders expect their outsourcing budgets to keep on growing. This means more and more companies are jumping on the 3PL (third-party logistics) bandwagon.


  • Better logistics service and happy customers


You know how crucial it is to deliver your goods on time, especially when dealing with picky retail customers who have strict schedules. Top Shipping Companies in Eastern Africa will make sure your orders are picked up and delivered like clockwork, keeping your customers grinning and avoiding those nasty retail chargebacks and schedule hiccups.


  • Get everyone on the same logistics page


A good logistics partner like FGi Solutions can help bridge the gap and align all the moving parts of your operation. They’ll work with you to streamline processes and get your production, transportation, and warehousing teams singing in harmony.


  • Know-how logistics makes a difference


You want a logistics partner who knows their stuff, right? Well, the best ones come equipped with a ton of industry expertise and connections. Shipping Companies in Eastern Africa will keep you ahead of the curve on freight trends and regulations.


Specialized logistics knowledge for the win


As third-party logistics providers become more common, specialization is where it’s at. You want someone who understands your industry inside and out, not just someone who can book a truck.


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