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FGi Solutions – Premier Armor Vehicles Rental Companies in Africa

FGi Solutions is one of the leading Armor Vehicles Rental Companies in Mogadishu that serves numerous clients ranging from companies to individuals. We know that armored vehicles are no longer a luxury, but a big necessity. To all the customers, we offer enhanced security and comfort with utmost care and personalized service. Being a premier company, we offer the best prices guaranteed. On top of that, all our vehicles are well-equipped with the latest armoring technology which is available in the market.

We always endeavor to upgrade our fleets with the latest models including mini-vans, SUVs, and sedans. When it comes to our rentals, you will find them lower as compared to top Armor Vehicles Rental Companies in Somalia. We have been operating in the luxury armored transportation industry for many years. Our main goal is your safety. If we talk about our security personnel, they are well trained in operational awareness, intelligence gathering and planning, and executive protection. We are also specialized in handling protective vehicle maintenance, scheduling and payroll, and personal training.

Being noted as a leading company, we keep our vehicles in good condition. With us, you can ensure that you can commute safely on roads for business activities or important meetings. What’s more, we also do mechanical upgrades to make the vehicle roadworthy and drivable. We offer fixed rates on a long-term, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Also, we provide an easy cancellation policy to all the customers. We have a professional team that is very much familiar with Afghanistan traffic and the route. FGi Solutions are a leading logistics & transportation service provider that offers lower prices and top quality.

We also offer short-term and long-term contracts. By hiring us, you will have high satisfaction guaranteed. When we talk about our vehicles, they undergo rigorous quality control procedures. Our company has made a reputable customer base with attention to detail, services, and utmost care. We offer friendlier experience to all the customers. Our main focus is on uniqueness, performance, and craftsmanship. For all of your transportation needs, you can approach us anytime.

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